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How You Protect Your Investment
By scheduling a Shield Home Inspection you are taking the first step in protecting your residential real estate investment. We want the best for you and your family.
You will be protecting your residential real estate investment by educating yourself before you buy. The information you will receive in your inspection report will give you the knowledge to make the best decision for you and your family. Your inspection report will arm you with a strategy that will let you know what needs attention now. If there are too many repairs for your budget, or none at all. We do real estate residential inspections right. Most inspestion companies charge more, and spend less time on the property. Most of our inspections take from 2.5 to 3 hrs. to complete. Larger properties can take 4 to 8 hrs. then 25 minutes to download to the laptop, print, and burn cds. If you want a residential home inspection done right. Call Andrew Costabile the man in blue he's here for you. It will also set your mind at ease to know your hard-earned money will go the distance.
Shield Home Inspection is offering a new and exciting way of getting your reports on the spot! Shield Home Inspection features a computer-generated report on CD, In PDF format, printed paper, or via e-mail. All photos of the property are burned onto the same CD for your convenience.
Inspector's Job
Infatuation is a strange thing. It affects all of us. That is why you need an impartial party. A party whose job it is to check the things you might miss due to all the overwhelming factors of purchasing a home.
People will always change colors, carpet, curtains, etc. Our job at Shield Home Inspection is to make sure your prospective property's major components and structure are in safe, sound working order. Shield Home Inspection was established with the family in mind. Our staff thrives on professional, affordable, and reliable service that will be there for you today and tomorrow.
We are continually keeping up with what is going on in this fast-changing world with continuing education.
Finishing Touch

You found a home, the financing, the title secured. Now complete the package with peace of mind and schedule a Shield Home Inspection.

You can rely on Shield Home Inspection of Las Vegas, NV to provide you with a thorough, non invasive visual residential real estate inspection and a easy to read report available at the completion of the inspection with pictures on CD in jpeg.

                             " Service designed with families in mind."

Call for your inspection Andrew Costabile 702-736-7676 andrewcinspector@gmail.com

Licensed, E&O Insured, NV Certified #00079 - res

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